What We Do

  • Playhouse

    Our PLAYHOUSE is a perfect place where the child is surrounded by picturesque room hygienically clean, well lit, fully air-conditioned where through Toys, Puzzles, Blocks, Pictures, Posters, Models along with modern tools and equipments give the child a feeling that Learning Is Fun.

    The safety and security of the children are ensured by both man and machine: professional teachers and trained ayahs and close circuit cameras monitoring the activities of kids and behaviour of the staffs.

  • Montessori

    Our MONTESSORI encourages the child, as the days advance, start interacting among them and play in groups as a part of confidence building measure and communication development exercise. These activities help kids enjoy school coming. The singing of melodious rhymes and poems coupled with dramatic movements of limbs and playing of music involves the children so much that they recall the acts even when they go home. The medium of instruction is English however some children speaking only vernacular start following their teachers,

  • Kindergarten

    Our Kindergarten prepares the child for admission to city's reputed English medium schools through interactive sessions besides regular academic activities. The exercise of mock interview gives the child enough confidence to avoid Interview Phobia when he/she goes for realtime interview/admission test. The child develops the good habit, manners and discipline essentially required to sustain in any good public school.

  • Extra Curricular

    For all round development of the children we encourage participation in extra curricular activities like art and craft, dance, singing and martial art - Judo/Karate
  • Toy Library

    The playhouse has a toy library, a unique concept introduced by our research and development team. Each Child will be provided a toy to take home every alternate day(as books is lent out in libraries). The next toy will be issued on the return of the first one.

  • Camps

    Camps are organized in both summer and winter. Children are taken to outskirts of city for first hand experience of nature and environment with special emphasis on Farm-house, Cattle, Rural-life along with the factories manufacturing cake, biscuits, dairy, chocolates, toys etc.