Created On : 2nd April, 2019

Modern system of education encompasses the all-round development of a child. Though home is the first and the most significant learning space for an infant, the play school has its own sweet, yet very critical role to play. If home is the first window to the outside world, then a play school is the first window to scientific education and modern learning. For toddlers these days, learning comprises not only the bookish knowledge or the general awareness about their surroundings; reading, writing, understanding and following instructions, but also a whole lot of interpersonal skills like- caring, sharing, helping, co-ordination and empathy.

This package of the two dimensions or aspects of learning makes the play school all the more necessary. Specially so, since small nuclear families these days, with both parents working, and with just one or no sibling, home is unable to provide an infant with enough opportunities or the kind of environment to develop these skills. Indeed, play school is integral to the all-round growth and development of a child. Neither is it substitutable nor can a baby in any way do without it.