From the Desk Of Principal

KIDZ CAREZ is an institution with a difference where infants are not taught in the conventional sense, they are taken care of individually in most modern and scientific manner. Because no two children are identical even they belong to th same age group, hence no prescribed text or curriculum would meet the need of a toddler.

The concept of Playhouse, Montessori and Kindergarten are old but we have redefined the meaning by blending child's care, entertainment, development of knowledge and skill under a single roof. For your precious child, it is perfect place. The idea of such a place was much needed in world today as joint families are fast disappearing.

KIDZ CAREZ has been conceptualized and developed in August 2004 with the help of city's prominent educationists, academician, child psychologist and doctors. It has been designed to help child develop pre reading, writing and mathematical skills through appropriate and effective mix of traditional, verbal/instrumental training and modern learning methodologies of audio, video, computer and internet.

Our mission is to ensure that the kids are groomed and shaped for primary classes of the city's reputed public schools. Our trained teachers have judiciously blended the twin approach of teaching is an art and learning is fun. We believe in "KHELTE KHELTE PADHO".

Our Primary object is to build confidence in the kids so that they can surge ahead and thrive in the stiff competitive world which starts from the day one of the school. We firmly believe that a nellai seo good institution is one which strives to create an environment where the good human beings not merely brilliant students of tomorrow are created.

This is our firm conviction that every child has inherent creative potential that drives her to learn from a good environment. Even if your child is stubborn, aggressive, introvert or overwithdrawn .... it doesn't matter, pedagogical emotions can be controlled by individual attention and psychological solace that a trained teacher provides, do wonders with this kind of child.

May we invite you along with your kid to explore KIDZ CAREZ to ensure for a bright future.

Your child's care is our concern.